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OCS Mobile App
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Onslow County School District rolled out its mobile application in April 2016. This app simplifies and personalizes information that OCS parents, staff and community members can access on-the-go.

The app is part of SchoolMessenger, the school’s web host provider. It is available for download, and is free, at the App Store and at Google Play. You just need to search for “Onslow County School District” to find the app. The app pulls information from the district website, school sites and social media feeds in order to keep information current. Users have the ability to customize the app so they only see information for the schools for which they are interested. Through the app, parents will also be able to access the Parent Portal, Student Portal, and alerts.

This is just one more way parents can stay up to date with news from their child’s school, including the school menu, upcoming events and other information, and it can be downloaded free. The app aggregates messages and calendar dates from the district, as well as selected schools, so parents can now access both system and school information in one place. Our parents with students in multiple schools can get the latest news from all locations in a single app.

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