EOG Test Taking Tips
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 09, 2017

As you know, EOG testing is quickly approaching and with that you may notice that your students are becoming more and more anxious. Although these tests are important, there are ways to help your students minimize stress and maximize performance throughout the testing process. Here are some test taking tips that you can share with your students and their parents too.

1. Talk about the test. Encourage students to do their best, but not to stress.

2. Give words of encouragement. Remind your students that they have been preparing for this all year. They are ready!

3. Encourage your students to get a good night’s rest. Rest is important in helping them feel their best.

4. Eat a good breakfast. Students who are full can focus easier and longer than students who feel hungry.

5. Get to school on time. Students who feel rushed to get to school, start their day with anxiety, and anxiety leads to frustration and poorer test performance.

6. Make sure students have everything they need. Students should know how to properly bubble in their answers and use all the wonderful testing strategies you’ve taught them throughout the year. Oh yeah, we can’t forget about those sharpened #2 pencils with an eraser!

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